Author: Kryptic Crypto
Date: May 21, 2021

Shitcoin 2021-The Biggest Event of the Year!


On June 3rd and 4th, S**tcoin will take place in Miami, FL. The event is taking place for one reason: there will be a Bitcoin Conference happening right down the road. The competing and cleverly named S**tcoin conference is taking place in order to offer an affordable alternative to the Bitcoin conference where attendees need to cough up $1,300 just to be in attendance - so much for bitcoin being the "people's coin."

The Bitcoin event is for the elite, influencers, and the rich - plain and simple. Let's be honest, not many people can spend $15,000 on registration, flights, hotels, and food just to attend a party. Enter S**tCoin 2021! It's a direct punch in the face of the posh experience that only a few can afford


Kenn Bosak, organizer of S**tcoin 2021, mused "This is some BS, Bitcoin is the people's token, why would you trash all others and charge people a few month's salaries to go? F*** it, I'm going to do it better by myself" So, he decided to foot the bill. While trying to run a business, he's putting together an event at a pace that is neck-breaking, to say the least. The price of this conference will be drastically different than the Bitcoin Conference: Free. Yes, free! How can this be? How can people be educated for free? Organizers are asking for donations, even a donation as low as $5 can go a long way. Unlike the "other event," speakers are not paying to be there, nor are they receiving a penny for their time; these are passionate people who truly enjoy spreading knowledge. Bravo, Bosak, Bravo.


This might sound amazing to some, but this is how he built his "bro bro" community - just by being a decent person and giving back as much as he can. To say Bosak defies conventional norms would be an understatement. Many have come before him with the same stereotypical credentials: prototypical stoner and brash - not afraid to tell you how it is. Don’t let his looks or the harsh language fool you; he's sharp as a tack and knows exactly what he is doing. Bosak is different in that he truly enjoys giving. It's a quality that can't be faked and, let's be honest, very few possess. This event is being done in true “Bro Bro” style: good price, good knowledge, good people and a good party. The Bitcoin event may have a lot of money and shiny objects, but nobody throws a better party than Kenn Bosak and his bro bros. S**tcoin 2021 is an event not to be missed, the bro bro community will light a fire for the crypto world to see!

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