Author: Kryptic Crypto
Date: June 19, 2021

Shitcoin 2021 "Greatest Shit-show on Earth!"

Miami Florida, a vacation spot for some, or the up and coming cryptocurrency capital of the world for crypto-heads. June 2021 was a month full of festivities, from community meet-ups to the largest Bitcoin conference in history! There were dozens of events to choose from, however one stands out in particular, charmingly named Shitcoin 2021- and that’s no typo! On June 3rd and 4th, Shitcoin 2021 was held in the heart of Wynwood, conveniently located down the street from Bitcoin 2021. The real question is; why did this happen? Kenn Bosak had a bright idea when some of his friends were turned away from sponsoring the largest crypto event the world has seen… so “we’re gonna do our own conference, and we’re gonna call it shitcoin- because everything that is not Bitcoin to a maxi is a shitcoin”... (continue w/ link)

Click link to read more: https://nfts.wtf/post-shitcoin-depression/

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