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Want help creating your own NFTs? Want to Commission artwork? Or do you want to learn about the cryptocurrency side? We cover the vital basics.

We have a team of artists for all kinds of art needed. We can provide you with graphics for all your business, and personal, needs. High-Quality copies sent to you on completion with edits available. Plus if you want to step it up a notch, let us add some animations for you! For more information please fill out the contact form, or you can send a direct email to [email protected]

NFT Station

have an idea for an NFT but don't know how, or don't have the time, to create it? Let us take care of that for you! Our team of talented artists can help bring your vision to life. We'll make your life easier and do the heavy lifting with promotion/management also available. Business or Personal, we have the service and NFT for you. Contact us today!


Want to learn about cryptocurrencies and NFTs? We offer crypto-education, one-on-one walk throughs, and set ups. We educate on the fundamentals of Bitcoin, NFTs, and Cryptocurrency in general. Wallet set-ups, how and where to purchase, etc. With 10 years of experience, we will guide you in your crypto journey. Contact us and schedule a zoom session!

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Kryptic Collections

Here is our selection of collections from Kryptic Crypto and featured artists from different platforms, on both the Waxp and ETH Networks: Atomic Hub, Opensea, Foundation, etc.

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