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What is an NFT, anyhow?

The basics: NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, something unique and one-of-a-kind in the digital space. A digital asset with value making it purchasable, sellable, tradable, and collectable. NFT Art has all of these qualities and varies in category. All NFTs run on the Blockchain Network, famous for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The NFTs in the main space are currently back by the cryptocurrencies Ethereum (ETH) or Waxp (WAX). There is an (open)sea of things to know about NFTs so for more, in depth information and consulting/education please contact us to schedule a zoom call.
Our Mission
Here at Kryptic Crypto our goal is to help encourage an environment that promotes creativity, productivity, and community. We want to allow for new artists to have a chance to enter the art scene. With the help of cryptocurrency and NFT smart contracts we are able to create a space of opportunity for many to participate, and flourish, in. We also offer educational services to teach you how to navigate the crypto world. Community and education are our highest priorities.


Kryptic Collections

Here is our selection of collections from Kryptic Crypto and featured artists from different platforms, on both the Waxp and ETH Networks: Atomic Hub, Opensea, Foundation, etc.

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